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About Joe Monkman

Joe Monkman is a shamanic practitioner and teacher. His innovative style assists individuals and organizations around the world in moving beyond habitual distractions, rediscovering powerful tools for clarity and decision-making, and realigning with their passion and purpose. Joe’s interest in the healing arts and a deep desire for personal change led to the start of his spiritual journey in 1990. His quest took him from the Amazon jungle of Peru to the asphalt jungle of New York City. What followed was the creation of ceremonies and workshops that inspire people to live their rich vision. 

For more information, visit http://www.earthspiritworks.com    

Joe Monkman on Angel Message Circle with Debra Huelsebusch on April 10, 2013. On this April's trip  to New York , Fire Ceremony,  A Fire in the Heart- Your Neptune Nature and Pele Consciousness, Channeling Yoganada. 
Shamanic Fire Ceremony in NYC, Sat., April 20th, 7-10:30pm
It's my 20th year of working with the healing gift of fire. Each ceremony brings me in touch with myself and others in the most exquisite ways. Join me in NYC on April 20th for another extraordinary experience.

The Fire Ceremony provides an opportunity to “release” or “invite in” a pertinent life issue/energy. We allow the fire to help us see ourselves and the world in a new light. This is a celebration, and all participants are encouraged to sing from the soul, open their hearts and minds to the fluidity and spontaneity of the moment, dance, drum, and connect deeply with the ecstatic energy. For this indoor event, participants offer their intention by lighting a small candle and placing it on the Earth altar. Music and other sacred sound, as well as hands-on energy healing may be provided at that time to support the deepening of one’s intention (if desired). Group processing of intentions takes place at the beginning of the evening.
When: Sat., April 20th, 7-10:30pm 
Where: Jeanette Stoner Studio, 83 Leonard St., #5 (between Church & Broadway), NYC
What to Bring: A rattle or drum, a birthday cake candle, an intention for transformation to share with the group
Registration: Use the Buy Now button under the event listing on the Earth Spirit Works Events Page to reserve your space and pay via Pay Pal. 
Your Investment: PRE-PAYMENT of $50 REQUIRED via Pay Pal (No admittance without payment. No refunds for cancellations less than one week before event date.)
Space is limited.  Go to www.earthspiritworks.com events page 

A Fire in the Heart – Your Neptune Nature and Pele Consciousness
Co-facilitated and channeled with Debra Huelsebusch, April 21st

Perhaps you’ve heard that within each of us lies the potential for a more divinely aligned, and peaceful and purposeful Earth experience. Sounds great, but how do we actually reach that place? What might we need to open to in order to allow that process to unfold? In this two-hour Deep Wisdom Channeling experience, we will dialogue and play with the energies of Neptune and Pele, two fiery, fierce and friendly energies who share information about and assist with:
- Attuning to New Earth and Galactic frequencies
- Harnessing the forces of the divine feminine and new masculine for powerful and positive change (personal and planetary)
- A heart activation to clear the way for greater emotional and spiritual vibrancy
- Practical ways to ease the transcending of 3-D reality and deepen compassion and creativity
- Increasing vital, everyday energy and getting ‘fired up’ as you express your innate truths
When: Sun., April 21st, 4:30-6:30pm
Where: A.R.E. Center of NYC, 241 W 30th St., 2nd Flr, NYC 10001
Your Investment: $25 in advance / $30 at the door
Registration: Register with and make your Pay Pal payment to joemonkman@gmail.com
www.earthspiritworks.com events page