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Welcome to Key Spiritual Progression Conference
Key Spiritual Progression Conference
Sunday September 30th, 20012 
From 10:30-6:00 PM
Simple Studios
134 W. 29th Street 2nd Fl.  
Between 6th and 7th Ave.
NY, NY 10001



Accessing The Wisdom Of The Higher Self
With Debra Huelsebusch     http://www.illuminateawareness.com

• Feel more connected to the Divine within  
• Strengthen your internal guidance system  
• Be able to give intuitive information to others reading 
   from the Higher Self  
• Improve your ability manifest what you want in your life.  
Communicate with your Higher Self the all loving God Spirit within. Your Higher Self is also your Guardian Spirit that lights the way to your evolution.  
In this workshop we will be focusing on ways to enhance your connection and communication with your Higher Self; you will receive valuable guidance. You can utilize this Guidance to help yourself and to help others.
We will work with guided meditations; the format will allow you to pose specific questions to the Higher Self, and the sharing of messages with other participants to answer questions in this workshop.  
Perceive what you can do with the deepening of your communication with your Higher Self.

Michael the Archangel teaches 
Anatomy of the Soul 
with Diana Muenz Chen

This is an extraordinary opportunity to be with Michael the Archangel, to experience the three segments in your soul, to move back in time to heal your birth, to connect to Source/the Divine and to strengthen the connection to your purpose in this life.
In addition, Michael the Archangel will give a blessing at the beginning of the workshop and assist you to physically merge with your soul more fully.  
Michael the Archangel says: “Participating in this workshop will strengthen your spiritual direction and help you to fulfill why you’ve come into this physical form in this life. I want to be with you in this intimate way, so please come join us.”
Diana is passionate about learning new techniques that she can employ to assist people to heal. Her credentials include extensive training in energy transmission and perception of energy, plus many years of psychological instruction. She is a graduate of the four year healing science program at the Barbara Brennan School of Healing. For two years Diana was on the teaching staff, where she enhanced 

  At One DNA Activation With Joe Monkman

Take a journey to the heart of your cellular and soul memories. Join channeled guides At One for an intimate glimpse into passion and purpose, and get to know the parts of you that are ready to be awakened during this time of immense inner transformation. Included in this two-hour, experiential workshop will be an energetic healing transmission, a DNA activation and a question and answer session that can help you to: 
- Move beyond limited thinking
- Heal emotional and physical patterns
- Learn to thrive as a peaceful, powerful and purposeful co-creator.

​Workshops Cost:
Full Day/ 3 Workshop Prepaid $105 / At the Door $120.00
Individual Workshops: Pre-Paid $40.00 / At the Door $45.00

To register and for more information visit: http://www.keyspiritual.com

For help with registering call Rev. Debra Huelsebusch at 212-868-0810

​If you would like to pre-pay by check or with cash please call Debra for details including the when the prepayment must be receceived.

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